DaLori Designs Power Play: Stanley Cup Final - Chicago vs. Tampa Bay


Who Will Win Lord Stanley's Cup -- The Young Tampa Bay Lightning or the More Seasoned Chicago Blackhawks?


Everyone says that when it comes to the playoffs, the goalie is the key.  This series which begins on Wednesday night is a little bit different.  Each goalie -- Tampa's Ben Bishop and Chicago's Corey Crawford have had their ups and downs, but when it counted each was up to the challenge.  There were a lot of game 7's in the playoffs.  Could this be another round where we go to 7 games before we crown the title?

There are so many stars from each team.  Key to the Blackhawks is Jonathan Toews, however, you cannot discount the efforts of Bolt's captain Steven Stamkos.  The Lightning have a cockiness that has served them well throughout the playoffs vs. the Blackhawks stick-it-to-you attitude.  This could be one of the very best series in Stanley Cup history.

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