Here Comes the Bride!


Summer wedding season has begun! Raise your glass of champagne and let's toast to all your friends and family who had made this day special for you.  They have helped with your invitations,  thrown you a killer bachelorette party and talked you off the ledge on more than one occasion. They deserve a thoughtful thank-you gift by DaLori Designs that is stylish and ever-lasting.

Our DaLori Design bracelet will complete your bridesmaid's ensemble and they add a little sparkle as they walk down the aisle and move on the dance floor.

Romantic, classic and elegant, a DaLori Design can be a special order for each individual's color, pattern and wrist size. It is a beautiful gift they can wear forever.

New Year's CollectionNew Year's Collection DALORI DESIGNS was created with the hope of reaching out to many women who share a common bond, or sense of belonging, whether it be to a college team, sorority or charity they support. Our bracelets are a personal symbol of their experience and the dreams they share with other women.