"We started DaLori Designs with the hope of reaching out to women who share a common bond, or a sense of belonging - whether it be to a college team or sorority or charity they support. Our bracelets are a personal symbol of their experience and the dreams they share with other women." 
- Judith Weltmann

The Bracelet – Our Mission Statement

Each of our bracelets is hand-made by women in the United States. They are elegant pieces of jewelry made from glossy Swarovski crystals with intriguing matrix, lustrous fresh water pearls, semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver and gold-filled beads. The bracelets are tightly crocheted onto diaphanous silk buttonhole thread and are designed to be rolled onto a women’s wrist, thus avoiding clasps that are often-times hard to open and close. Once on the wrist, they have a very light feel, almost imperceptible, even when more than one is worn.

The Product Lines

DaLori Designs, at present, has two lines of bracelets: Our “team spirit collection” and our “classic design collection”. Our principle market focus is on the “team spirit” bracelets that marry the handsome elegance of the bracelets with school/team colors. There will be several choices of designs for each school/team bracelet.

The graceful classic designs will complement the “team spirit” collection. Although they are designed to be worn on their own, they will look magnificent when worn with the team color designed bracelets. These will be made principally of sterling silver, gold-filled nuggets and fresh water pearls. They can be worn with anything from formal gowns to informal wear such as jeans.

Who We Are


Judith Weltmann

Judi has been involved in business management over the past thirty five years for some of the most prestigious law firms in the country. She has provided human resource , operational and marketing leadership to several major law firms in the United States and abroad.

She has a B.S. degree in Health and Human Sciences from Springfield College and a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management from The University of Massachusetts. Judi is an adjunct Board Member of SHRM, the world’s largest HR membership organization devoted to human resource management.

Inspired by her enthusiastic Penn State football alumni family and friends, DaLori Designs provided a way to capture her heart and soul with team spirit.

Nancy Malis

With a background in marketing and psychology, Nancy Malis has transitioned over the past fifteen years into representing many talented jewelry designers, combining her passion for jewelry with her effective communication skills. She focuses on strategies that are creative and compelling, introducing their work to stores such as Bloomingdales and other high-end boutiques and jewelry stores. She has also consulted for Etcetera Clothing Company for 12 years as a District Manager and Sales Stylist.

Where We Are Located

Presently, DaLori Designs has offices in Boston, Massachusetts, State College, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.