What's Your Game Day Style?


Penn State illustration College football season is less than a month away (hard to believe how fast summer is flying by). For many of us game day is a big a deal—even bigger than birthdays and weddings. But while this is a big event, the day of jerseys and t-shirts are long gone.

As you get ready to cheer on your school, you may want to go with something a bit more classy?

You may be considering a scarf with your school colors or a necklace and earrings featuring your school logo. But if those are not your style then we may have something for you:


DaLori Designs’ bracelets are designed to wear your team or school colors with pride and elegance.

Shop our online store for a bracelet featuring your school colors and be sure to wear it to the next game. Now, is that your style?

Blue and White Trio