5 Ways to Go from Your Office Look to Your Evening Look


Gold and Black Trio We've all been there. We've had a date or a dinner party to go right after work but don’t have enough time to go home in between. What does one do? Here are our tips on how to go from your office look to your evening look:

  • Don’t forget to put your makeup bag in your purse.  Before you begin to retouch your makeup, remove the oils and dirt from your face with oil absorbing sheets.
  • When it comes to freshening up your makeup, start with the eyes.  Use darker colors to create a more nighttime look, like Bobby Brown’s All Spice Sparkle Eye Shadow.  Also, consider adding concealer underneath the brows to give a more polished look.
  •  Put on some heels.  Heels make you look taller and more elegant (And no need for three-inch heels.  A shorter heel looks just as good.)
  •  If appropriate, add a shawl or shrug to your outfit, adding a bit of contrast and color.
  • Add some sparkle.  Whether you’re wearing your favorite hoops or pearl studs, don’t forget the arm candy like a bracelet from DaLori Design. It’s elegant and goes with anything.

With the right accessories, you’ll walk out of your office ready to hit the town.