The Art of Fashion Trending for Spring with DaLori Designs


Artistry is the big buzz word from the New York runways this Spring. Whether you choose our hand-crafted  twist of classic elegance in a jet black Swarovski crystal or black and channel-looked, DaLori Designs can amp up your daytime look or give you that sparkling evening statement.


Why not stack up our sterling silver mirrored Classic bracelet with a colorful stripe of Team Spirit: our hand-crocheted bracelets are right on trend for this season....or any season!


Here's a peak of what you'll be adding to your must-have lists.

DALORI DESIGNS was created with the hope of reaching out to many women who share a common bond, or sense of belonging, whether it be to a college team, sorority or charity they support. Our bracelets are a personal symbol of their experience and the dreams they share with other women.