A New Twist for 2016!


Twist into the New Year with an elegant DaLori Design  hand-made crocheted  bracelet! Our sterling silver and 14kgold combination twist is a way to bring together any variety of layering bracelets in either gold or silver. Only using the highest quality of material,  our beautiful crocheted bracelets roll on your wrist as you dash out the door. No need to make a decision on whether it is a gold or silver day!

Or just go for the sparkle with our sterling silver and  Vitrail Swarovski twist.  The  Vitrail Swarovski is a very unique crystal and takes on the colors it is surrounded by. It is the bracelet on your arm that gets noticed first!


Our jet black Swarovski and sterling silver combination is a winner any time of day.  Whether you layer it with other silver bracelets or combine it with our classic sterling silver with mirror beads,  no need to wear anything more...



Whether you wear it alone or pair it with your classic favorites, our newest twist bracelets gives a new personality to your elegant wrist collection you wear every day.

May your 2016 shine brilliantly with our newest DaLori Design Collection!

DALORI DESIGNS www.daloridesigns.com was created with the hope of reaching out to many women who share a common bond, or sense of belonging, whether it be to a college team, sorority or charity they support. Our bracelets are a personal symbol of their experience and the dreams they share with other women.