Let's Get Presidential for President's Day


Whether you love American History or prefer a great shopping day at the mall,  President's Day celebrates 44 of our country's most influential men in American history,  our nation's presidents. With that in mind,  DaLori Designs has created a collection of bracelets that embraces our patriotic colors and makes us sing "The Star -Spangled Banner"!  Each bracelet is crocheted with freshwater pearls, 14k gold and red and blue Swarovski crystals.  Wear it with pride as we remember all the accomplishments starting with George Washington, our first president and commander-in-chief  during the American Revolution.

Wearing DaLori Designs elegant "Taps" bracelet sends the united message- We're proud to be an American. Let's honor the presidents who helped  contribute to make America a land of freedom and opportunity.

white bracelet with red and blue accents

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