Join the Winning Combination of DaLori Designs and Penn State


Introducing the Latest Penn State Logo Bracelet by

DaLori Designs LLC


DaLori Designs Penn State bracelets are the perfect way to wear your colors proudly at the next football game, alumni gathering or for a night on the town.  Be the most stylish fan with DaLori Designs!

DALORI DESIGNS was created with the hope of reaching out to many women who share a common bond, or sense of belonging, whether it be to a college team, sorority or charity they support. Our bracelets are a personal symbol of their experience and the dreams they share with other women.

All DaLori Designs bracelets can be purchased on-line or by calling Judi Weltmann @ 814-933-2187.  Bracelets can also be purchased at Aurum Jewelers,  132 S. Allen Street, State College, PA.

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