The Only 10 Exercises You Need to Get In Shape with Dalori Designs


Now that Spring is here, we are thinking about the Summer and what we can do to get energized and motivated!  Learn these ten bodyweight exercises that you use your body's weight as resistance, such as pushups and lunges. You can do them anywhere in less than thirty minutes a day. That means you can exercise without any large equipment or going to the gym. First practice each exercise separately.  When ready combine them all,  leave very little time in-between each set of exercises which should be done for 30 seconds each.  Especially pay attention to our final #10 exercise, as it will give you that last moment of victory! Unknown-6

1. Push-up

2. Plank

3. Glute Bridge

4. Spider Lunge

5. Plank Tap

6. Squat

7. Side Lunge

8. Single-Leg Lift Deadlift

9.  Reverse Lunge

*10. Roll On DaLori Design Bracelet Move

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